Reflecting on Behaviour


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There is no single cause for the unwanted behaviour of children in early years settings and no single solution because the causes and solutions are complex and very different for each child. If we want children to become fully participating members of society we need to ensure that children’s behaviour is regarded in the wider context of the influences in their lives including their right to be treated fairly and equally by adults. The process to become a social citizen starts from birth and is greatly influenced by a number of factors including children’s development, their early experiences and relationships.

By addressing the issue of unwanted behaviour by simply focusing on the action of a child rather than addressing the reasons for the behaviour, settings will never achieve a long‑term solution. Settings need to step back, gather information, reflect on the varied needs of individual children and also look at their own practice so they can formalise a strategy that everyone (including parents) understands and uses. Recent legislative and policy changes have been introduced to improve early years provision and outcomes for young children. Reflecting on Behaviour gives an overview of these changes, guides the reader through the factors which affect children’s behaviour and provides information on some of the approaches which have been shown to support young children’s social and emotional development.

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