Reportable Incident Record

A guide to preparing for and reporting incidents (2015)

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This invaluable record book gives guidance on preparing for and recording incidents, and gives advice on measures you can take to prevent incidents in your setting.

Some incidents that occur at your setting need to be reported to other authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive, your local authority, Ofsted, Children’s Social Care or your insurance provider. This book will advise you who needs to know about a particular type of incident, the deadline for reporting it, and how to keep accurate and timely records so that you can tell the authorities what they need to know.

To support you to maintain consistent and comprehensive records, the book includes an Incident Record Template where you can note the details of any witnesses, a description of what happened, and the action taken. This is also available as a downloadable form. Summary pages allow you to record the nature of an incident and the location of all the records relating to it within your setting. This makes it easier to produce specific records on request, for example during an Ofsted inspection.

Potential incidents discussed in the book are:

Break in, burglary, theft of personal or the provision’s property
An intruder gaining unauthorised access to the premises
Gas leak
Electrical failure
Attack on a practitioner or parent on the premises or nearby
Discriminatory incident involving practitioners or families on the premises
A notifiable disease or illness or an outbreak of food poisoning
Death of a child or adult
A terrorist attack or threat of one

Other essential advice includes procedures regarding potential insurance claims and how to report incidents under RIDDOR regulations. This record book is supported by Essential Policies and Procedures for the EYFS.

Please note that to record accidents or injuries to children in your setting, you should use the Alliance publication Accident Record. For recording issues of concern about a child, use the templates in the Alliance publication Safeguarding Children and keep these in the child’s personal file for confidentiality. It is recommended that accidents involving adults should be recorded in the Health and Safety Executive Accident Book.

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