Reportable Incident Record

A guide to preparing for and reporting major incidents (2012)

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Early years providers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the children and adults in the provision. In the unlikely event of an incident occurring, it is important to keep an accurate record of what happened. Particularly as certain types of incidents must be reported to authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive, your local authority, Ofsted, Children’s Social Care or your insurance provider.

As well as guidance on the major incidents that are reportable and how to prepare for them and respond if they occur, this book contains the following templates to help with the recording of incidents:

  • An Emergency contacts table to record the details for local emergency services, suppliers and other useful contacts, so they are together in one place in the event of an incident.
  • An Incident record template (provided as an online download) to record the details of any reportable incidents that occur, including the nature of the incident, any people witness to or involved in the incident and any actions or outcomes of the incident, to aid reporting.
  • A Summary of incidents table to record within the book the date of the incident, the type of incident and where the record for the incident is stored, so that information regarding incidents can be easily located during an Ofsted inspection.

The guidance, template form and tables given within this book are to assist with the recording of major incidents or dangerous occurrences, which include: break‑in, burglary, theft of personal or the provider’s property; an intruder gaining unauthorised access to the premises; fire, flood, gas leak or electrical failure; attack on a practitioner or parent on the premises or nearby; any racist incident involving practitioners or families on the premises; a notifiable disease or illness, or an outbreak of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on the premises; death of a child or adult; and a terrorist attack, or threat of one.

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